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Veneers – Veneers are a great way to change the shape and color of the teeth, in as little as two weeks or two visits you can have a beautiful smile. The difference your new smile will have on your life can’t be measured. You will catch yourself looking in the mirror to admire your new smile again and again.

Invisalign – Invisalign an “invisible” way to straighten teeth for individuals,15 years and older. We offer Invisalign, a series of clear plastic trays, that are changed every two weeks to move teeth into their functional and aesthetic positions. Besides being virtually invisible, other advantages include the removal for proper cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene while the teeth are moving. There are no metal or wires to irritate sensitive cheeks and gums.

Crowns and Bridges – Crowns protect cracked or broken teeth while bridges replace missing teeth.

Fillings – We love to restore with the best tooth colored natural looking material. The tooth will look like new.

Bleaching – There are few people that have very white teeth but with the latest bleaching techniques you can achieve up to 10 shades lighter, with very little sensitivity and lasting results.

Dentures and Partials – Restoring missing teeth is important for good looks and function. We can make partials with no metal, which is comfortable and natural looking.

Hygiene – Hygiene is a very important part of a healthy mouth. Our hygienist has 16 years of experience and has a great way of explaining better home care that doesn’t make you feel like you are being lectured.

Root Canals – If indicated, root canals will be evaluated and treated as needed.

Children’s dentistry – We are very good with children and try to make each visit as fun as possible so the child will have a good experience while they learn to take great care of their teeth. Children’s good lifelong dental habits start young. We offer the first visit about age 12 months.

Sealant – Sealant seals the groves of the teeth and protects them against decay.

Fluoride treatments – Fluoride treatments are used to strengthen teeth.

Fillings Extractions, Pulpotomies and Crowns

Mouth Guards – Mouth guards are used for protecting teeth and the jaw during sport activities.

Retainers – We make retainers and devices for simple tooth movement.

1 Hour Bleaching and Lumineers

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